OUS award to Jarle Bruun for outstanding scientific article on colorectal cancer

Six research prizes were awarded to scientists from Oslo University Hospital in June. Jarle Bruun from Ragnhild A. Lothe's group was among the prize winners. The Norwegian research web site Forskning.no highlights this important work on colorectal cancer.

Postdoc Jarle Bruun and PhD student Peter Wold Eide

Prize for excellent research article

We congratulate Postdoc Jarle Bruun with the Excellent Original Article Award of 50.000 NOK. The prizes were presented at a ceremony at Rikshospitalet on the 17th of June.
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The work by the researchers from the Department of Molecular Oncology is profiled on Forskning.no: Dykker enda dypere ned i kreftcellene

Link to article:
Bruun J, Kolberg M, Ahlquist TC, Røyrvik EC, Nome T, Leithe E, Lind GE, Merok MA, Rognum TO, Bjørkøy G, Johansen T, Lindblom A, Sun XF, Svindland A, Liestøl K, Nesbakken A, Skotheim RI, Lothe RA (2015)
Regulator of Chromosome Condensation 2 Identifies High-Risk Patients within Both Major Phenotypes of Colorectal Cancer
Clin Cancer Res, 21 (16), 3759-70