A retrospective pooled biomarker study to predict overall survival beyond the TNM system

K. G. Jebsen Colorectal Cancer Research Centre scientists participated with data from patients admitted to Oslo University Hospital in a multicenter study of >7000 stage II and III CRC recently reported in Annals of Oncology, Dienstmann et al., March.

Researchers Stine Aske Danielsen and Anita Sveen

About the study

Incorporation of MSI, BRAFV600E and KRAS mutation status to overall survival models with TNM staging improves the ability to precisely prognosticate in stage II and III CC patients, but only modestly increases prediction accuracy in multivariable models that include clinicopathological features, particularly in chemotherapy-treated patients.

Prediction of overall survival in stage II and III colon cancer beyond TNM system: a retrospective, pooled biomarker study
Dienstmann R et al.
Ann Oncol. 2017 Feb 9.